Like the Oscars where nominees are selected by peer members, these Recruiting Awards are unique because we're the first to pair a crowdsourced vote with a judging panel filled from the front lines of recruiting and HR leadership.

Jason Buss

editor, TalentHQ and your fellow VP of Talent Acquisition & Diversity

Recruiting Organization Award

TopRecruiting Organization Award

These recruiting teams approach the challenges in acquiring great talent commercially.  The recruiting services they offer to their leaders are top notch, and they are focused on building the future workforce for their company – as a competitive advantage.

It starts with great leadership – which you’ll find at all levels in these recruiting organizations.  The members of the team take full responsibility for recruiting.  The team is focused, aligned, engaged, and they are all working together towards a purpose, a shared vision, and goal achievement.  They deploy a rapid response approach to solving problems.  They aren’t afraid to try new approaches – and they learn from each other.  They are considered leading-edge in many ways.

These recruiting teams understand both the strategic value and financial gain of recruiting great talent, and they deliver.

The “Recruiting Organization” award is a team award, and will be announced live at our third annual awards at the upcoming The Recruiting Trends 2013 Conference on October 22-25, 2013 in Las Vegas, NV.